About me

Courtney Paulshock - Owner, Founder

Courtney has only been involved in the motorsports industry since 2018, but has quickly found a passion for capturing the unique, typically unseen, moments from the sport. Courtney has covered a wide range of events including No Prep Kings, Duck X Productions, Outlaw Diesel Super Series, and more! 

C currently coordinates social media for Harts Turbo and assists with promotion for the South Coast 275 Radial series. Previous work includes social media coordination for Menscer Motorsports and E3xtreme.

When she's not working on something racing related, Courtney works as an Insurance Coordinator for Fresenius Kidney Care and is a full-time student pursuing her Masters of Marketing degree at Florida International University. Even though she's got a pretty full plate she makes time to travel and loves adventuring across the country!