Competing Off The Track

Overcoming Challenges in Motorsports Marketing

Regardless of the industry being examined there are inherent marketing challenges in today's society. The motorsports industry is naturally competitive and therefore motorsports marketing seems to follow suit. However, as contradictory as it sounds, focusing on out-performing competitors is not the key to success. Because we have been following Harts Turbo for the past few weeks, we will continue to do so for the purpose of this article as well. In an increasingly challenging economy motorsports marketers must learn to listen to their customers and adapt their marketing strategies in order to succeed.

Listening to the customer has never been more important than it is today. With more and more consumers turning to digital channels for instant, plentiful information marketers do not have to persuade their audience as intensely. While it makes it difficult to market a product or service to a consumer who already "knows it all" about said product or service, it offers the brand an opportunity to get the consumer more involved. By understanding where the consumer is in their journey and skipping over parts of the traditional full marketing spiel, manufacturers are able to tailor marketing efforts and develop solutions that fit consumer needs. For example, Harts Turbo manufactures turbochargers for race cars. Many of their target audience members know exactly how turbochargers function and they probably even have an idea of how they can function better to meet their needs. Instead of pitching the entire product line to consumers, Harts can listen to these consumers who may be disgruntled with other brands, and focus on how a Harts Turbo can meet their needs. Once they have some customers on board those customers can in turn help market the brand as well.

One of the scariest challenges we are facing in the motorsports industry right now is our supply-chain shortage. Manufacturers cannot get raw materials to make parts, dealers can't get product, rac