Creating A Motorsport Social Media Marketing Plan

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is much more complex than making Facebook posts or uploading YouTube videos. In order for a motorsport brand to be successful in the social media environment a strategy must be developed This strategy should provide alignment and clarity while developing a content plan that meets brand goals and objectives. Here we will outline the steps that a motorsport manufacturer like Harts Turbo (pictured above) should follow to develop a strong SMM strategy.


Harts Turbo is a turbocharger manufacturer that is new to the drag racing market. In December 2020 the division formed and began to market the product line to a new audience. While the parent company, Harts Diesel, had a social media presence, Harts Turbo did not and essentially had to start from the ground up.

Step One: Planning

The planning stage of developing a SMM Strategy involves heavy research. The first step of this journey must be determining business goals because this is what feeds the entire strategy. Designing with the end in mind allows a company to develop a strategy that meet those goals quicker and easier than they would have otherwise. More research needs to be done into the market enviro