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Updated: Nov 9, 2019

Embracing change, opportunity, and new beginnings as a first-time business owner in the motorsports industry.

If you managed to stumble onto my brand new site and find my very first blog post, then I suppose I'm headed in the right direction! Thank you for making it this far. Stick with me on this journey, I promise it will not be boring.

"Passion is visible. People can see it emanating from you. They're drawn to the positivity, curious about why you believe in what you're doing." -Tom Popomaronis

Igniting the Fire

I'll try to keep the first entry brief. I do not have a racing background. Dad did not build race cars, I never drove a junior, and aside from attending the US Nationals in Indianapolis as a young child, I was not involved in racing at all. Fast forward to my twenties, I attended my first drag race at the age of 24 in Lyons, Indiana at Wagler Motorsports Park. That one tiny bracket race, in the middle of a cornfield, had me hooked. I had to be involved some way, some how.

Fall of 2018 gave me my first real taste of traveling to races. No Mercy 9 at South Georgia Motorsports Park and No Prep Kings Live at Galot Motorsports Park made their way onto my itinerary and that was all she wrote. I began to make plans, develop goals, and align myself with this industry. I reached out to my local dragstrip in Holt, FL, Emerald Coast Dragway, and started working at the track at the start of 2019 season.

In February of 2019 I met Damon Steinke, cofounder of E3xtreme Motorsports Media. In May, Damon put a camera in my hand at the NMRA St. Louis race and literally said "Go shoot." I never looked back. Since May I have had the opportunity to shoot amazing races; PDRA, Outlaw Armageddon, YellowBullet, No Prep Kings, ODSS, No Mercy, etc. I learn something new every time I pick up a camera, I am constantly improving and refining and I am incredibly happy.

Approaching the end of the 2019 racing season, I am still astonished by the experiences I've had this year. I've met countless new friends, travelled to several new states, and visited multiple new racetracks. Now I have decided to take on another new adventure; business ownership. I started CPaulshock Photography with the hopes of delving deeper into the motorsports industry. I love capturing the emotion behind the sport, the passion that is always our common denominator.

If you stuck around this long, thank you. If you have been watching my journey, encouraging me to grow, or offering advice thank you even more. Let's finish this season on a positive note and make the 2020 season even better. See you at PRI!


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