Monitoring The Memes

Why assessing consumer feelings is critical in motorsports marketing

(and a reminder to not get too hung up on it)

Nothing is worse than believing something is truly great or successful, only to find out that it is not. On the contrary, what a wonderful thing it is to have a negative opinion changed through experience. Understanding how consumers think and feel about a brand is the first step in developing and maintaining a strong motorsports marketing strategy. Because we have been following Harts Turbo, we will continue to apply the lessons in this article to the brand.

While it is true that online platforms tend to showcase negative feelings than in person communications, brands would be foolish to not keep some sort of focus on what their audience is saying about them. This is especially important for companies like Harts Turbo who are new to the market or focusing on building brand awareness. The audience needs to develop a positive view of the company and associate the brand with positive outcomes or emotions. Harts probably had a strong marketing strategy prior to entering the market, but in order to make sure their strategy was meeting business objectives, they had to monitor audience feedback and pay attention to how customers were viewing the brand.