Neuromarketing in Motorsports

Neuromarketing sounds like a complex or scary concept to those that have never heard the term. However, when broken down and explained, the practice of neuromarketing is an exceptionally powerful tool based on the study and habits of the human brain. Neuromarketing should absolutely be utilized in motorsports in order to connect more deeply with target audiences and create more effective campaigns.

The majority of human brain activity actually happens unconsciously. These deeper desires and intentions become learned behaviors, instincts almost, that override conscious efforts in consumers brains.

In order to connect with the right consumer at the right time, marketers must understand which parts of the human brain react to certain types of messages. The neocortex, limbic, and reptilian are parts of the brain that have specific functions and abilities. The neocortex is the rational brain, limbic is emotional, and reptilian is instinctual. These portions respond to figures/facts, problem-solving, and security messaging respectively. By applying this small bit of neuromarketing to campaigns can undoubtedly benefit motorsports companies and build stronger relationships with consumers.

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