Your Brand Is Not The Hero

Updated: Oct 6

You heard me. Your brand is not the hero. As much as you'd like to come in and save the day with your product or service, this brand-centered way of thinking will not develop the lasting relationships with customers necessary for brand survival. In order to meet marketing and business objectives, brands must understand that the customer is the hero of the story. Operating under a customer-centric mindset puts the customer journey at the center of all business objectives. Shifting focus from the product/service to HOW the product/service helps the hero (customer) is the key to successful motorsports marketing (or any marketing for that matter).

The Customer Is The Hero

To take this concept a little further let's close the circle. Your brand is not the hero, your customer is. While Harts Turbo may manufacture the best turbochargers on the market, they are not the hero of the story. They are a tool with which the hero is best able to overcome his/her challenges. Harts simply functions as a guide and helps the customer understand why their product is the perfect fit for the consumer's needs.

get obsessed with the transformation

Understand that all customers have needs/goals that they have been persuaded your brand can help them meet. All customers want to improve in some way and have chosen your brand to help them do it, so focus on that! Focus on how the product/service your brand provides makes the customer better, aka their transformation. To take this concept a little further, let's talk about customer-led storytelling while we're at it. Highlighting and sharing customer transformations or even allowing customers to participate in the social media of the brand is a strong marketing strategy that puts customers at the center of the business. Harts Turbo is a newer company and is in the perfect position to truly focus on its growing list of customers. By highlighting customer achievements like race wins or personal bests, the customer feels seen, heard, and recognized. Allowing customers to do a "social media takeover" involves letting a customer log into the brand's social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook, and post content for a specified period like a race or a weekend. Consumers trust other consumers before they trust the brand directly. This strategy would help Harts establish credibility and increase brand loyalty while still focusing on the customer.

Developing a marketing strategy that is centered around the customer journey and transformation is perfectly suited to the motorsports industry. An industry whose focus is performing and winning. Shifting focus from the product or service itself to how the product or service helps the consumer is the first step in developing this winning strategy. The consumer is always the hero, but he/she wouldn't be achieve heroism without your brand!